10 Kinds of People

1. The Lightning Rod

Lightning Rods are good at attracting attention. You know they are good at it because they really enjoy it. They are typically funny, witty, charismatic, and are full of ideas.

At a quick glance, a lightning rod can be mistaken for being arrogant, cocky, and rude. But truthfully, lightning rods are just creative. They get tired of the same thing over and over again, so their minds have to move on to something bigger, better, and newer. If you have the power to channel a lightning rod’s energy, then you will have an irreplaceable member of your team. If you don’t, then expect some ensuing chaos.

The creativity and charisma that make up lightning rods add great value to sales and marketing teams. Don’t worry about these people bringing your professional reputation down. They are exactly what you need to keep your products and services fresh and exciting.

2. The Golden Goose

While the lightning rods are busy attracting attention, the golden goose is concentrating on attracting the money. These individuals are very knowledgable of how to increase revenues and profits. They are the CFOs, the salespeople, and the money-makers that your competition doesn’t want on your team.

If you find yourself nodding off while going over your profits and expenses, bring a golden goose on board to lighten the load. If your business can’t properly manage money, then there is no chance it will become successful.

3. The Maestro

Maestros are unique because they are highly sought after, yet rarely ever found. What makes them so special is that they are master strategists. They can see the end from the beginning, and they know what needs to be done in order to make it happen.

Some maestro’s you might be familiar with are Steve Jobs for Apple, or Larry Page for Google. They were such masters of their mindsets that they made history and changed the course of humanity. If you don’t know or if you’re unable to plan a course for where you want your business to go, find yourself some maestros and start consulting with them to look at things from their perspective.

4. The Virtuoso

While Steve Jobs was the maestro of Apple, then Steve Wozniak was its virtuoso.

Virtuosos are a business’ innovators with specialized knowledge. They are the scientists, engineers, and architects behind the world’s most amazing inventions. The maestro has the vision, the virtuosos have the knowledge, creativity, and skill sets to make that vision a reality.

Not only do they know how to fulfill a maestro’s vision, they know how to make it bigger, faster, and better. Without virtuosos, all of a business’ ideas wouldn’t exist.

5. The Wordsmith

Wordsmiths are masters of wordplay. They know how to put the thoughts in their heads into words on paper and properly word it in such a way that other people can understand.

Wordsmiths are usually writers, editors, bloggers, public speakers, and other kinds of communicators. You might think “I can write a blog and speak in front of people.” Sure, maybe you can. But not nearly as well as a wordsmith. So don’t take these folks for granted.

Wordsmiths excel at creating the most contagious content. It’s their words that control the conversation and it’s their words that keep ideas, services, and products in everyone’s minds and on their tongues.

6. The Superconnector

Superconnectors are just like their title. They have very strong connections with many diverse groups and organizations, and they use those connections to bring businesses closer to achieving their goals. A superconnector is the kind of person that would say something like “I know a guy…”

Whenever your business feels stuck, this is where the superconnector comes into play. They will open up their endlessly-growing list of contacts and call the right person to get your business unstuck. When you get stuck in your business, it’s the superconnector who will know the perfect person to help you get unstuck.

7. The Gladiator

When we think of gladiators, we think of armor-clad warriors fighting in the Colosseum. In the business world, entrepreneurs are the gladiators. They know how to take a beating, get back up, get knocked down, get back up again, and keep coming back for more. They are incredibly resilient and also very loyal.

Their intensity and confidence act as the reinforcements they need to stay strong while they battle your competition, find new partners, and forge new relationships.

Gladiators specialize in initiative, so always keep some ready on your team at all times. These people know how to execute and will get a job done no matter how many obstacles get in their way.

8. The Bookworm

Bookworms are your neat-freaks. They are structured and detail-oriented. They have read all of the books on their shelves and they are constantly learning and researching. They value knowledge above all other things. Bookworms are the oil that keeps the machine that is your business running smoothly.

Many business owners make the mistake of taking bookworms for granted because they thrive on tactical operations. They are the ones that set the standards for your company’s customer service, and they read the fine details between the lines that can make or break your company’s future.

If details drive you nuts, then bring in some bookworms into your business. They are there to keep you organized and help you hit the tactical benchmarks you are probably overlooking.

9. The Hacker

If your business is in a serious bind, the fastest way to save it is to hack it.

Hackers are like forces of nature because they can create just as well as they can destroy. They can deconstruct systems, cut out the fat, and then rebuild a better version of it. Hackers are perfectionists with their creations because they will test and test, and test, and test over and over again until their systems are by definition, perfect.

Unless you have the time and energy to test all of the various parts of your business, bring in some hackers to ease your burdens.

10. The Sage

Sages are wise because they have invested valuable time and experience in running businesses. They know what works, what doesn’t, what plans of action should be taken over others, what choices to make when faced with very difficult decision, etc. They are the mentors and coaches that you need to latch on to in order to help you steer your business in the right direction.

A Sage uses their past experience as a useful guide to act as a positive influence in your business’ future. They will help you stay clear of major and minor mistakes and help you seize opportunities that you never could have seen on your own.

If you’re unsure of yourself, lacking in confidence to run your business on your own, then find yourself a sage and make them your mentor. Having a sage by your side is probably the most important figure you could have in your business.

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