Forms and Agreements

  Assignment of Real Estate Contract
  Contractor Job Communication Log
  Due Diligence Checklist
  Flooring Estimate Worksheet
  Formulas and Measurements Exterior
  Formulas and Measurements Flooring
  Investor’s Profile Sheet
  Letter of Intent
  Move-In Checklist
  Offer to Purchase with Addendum
  Property Inspection Checklist 1
  Property Inspection Checklist 2
  Property Inspection Checklist 3
  Property Inspection Exterior
  Property Inspection Exterior 2
  Property Inspection Room x Room
  Purchase & Sale Agreement
  Rehab Accounting Log
  Rehab Planning Schedule
  Rental Application
  Resident Survey
  Residential Lease
  Tenant Verification Form
  Wholesale Process

10 thoughts on “Forms and Agreements

  1. The ultimate goal, is a goal to do right by Dave. He gives us, the neophytes of this new endeavor, tools to work with, tools you have to put into ACTION in order to get to a level you strive for. He allows us to get out of the doldrums we are in, like me and grasp the life that is there for the enjoyment for you and your family.

  2. There is something wrong with the Purchase and Sale Agreement, and the Resident Survey. When I tried to download them – it was a document that had only one line or sentence of the form on each page, and a large number of pages for the total document. So I was not able to properly download it.

    • Hi Rosemarie,

      Those two documents are DOCX files. You will need an application, such as Microsoft Word, to open and view them. If you do not have Microsoft Word or an equivalent application on your computer, you can download Open Office for free. Open Office will be able to open these files for you.

      More information on DOCX files:
      Download information for Open Office:


  3. How does a 3 tier offer look on paper? – 100% owner finance, split and cash.
    I want to employ this offer to some probate clients.

    Thank you

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