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    Terry Champagne

    Happy New Year Dave!!

    After your Boston UP8 Event our business blew up. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I want to personally thank you and your team for all that they do! Very Grateful! On our way home from that event we were sitting in Boston on the plane and I received a text that our offer that was previously rejected two weeks ago was now being accepted. Very Cool.

    We are closing on that 180 units SSF property next week and my question is:
    1. Which would you use on a banner – Under New Management or Under New Ownership. They property has been poorly owned and operated.

    1a. We have some cosmetic work to be done which we will be doing immediately. My question: when would I put up this sign announcing the “New Sheriff In Town”? LOL…. You have said when in your materials, but I can’t remember and I know is critical.

    Thank you so much in advance for you help with my questions.

    Here’s to a Flourishing and Prospering 2017!
    Terry and Paul

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