Video Training

Business Mistakes:

  Acting Like a King Before Becoming One
  Avoiding New Technology
  Becoming A Commodity
  Failure to Differentiate
  Failure to Innovate
  Failure to Plan
  Lack of Capital
  No Clear Strategy
  No Integrity
  No Rally Point
  Not Building a Team
  Not Having a Competitive Advantage
  Not Having a Customer Acquisition Funnel
  Not Having an Organizational Chart
  Not Knowing Your Demographics
  Not Minding The Store
  Not Protecting Your Assets
  Not Setting Time For Yourself
  Not Talking to People
  Not Watching the Competition
  Poor Leadership
  Rapid Growth
  Setting Unrealistic Goal
  Stop Learning

Foreclosure Training:

  What You Need To Know About Foreclosures
  How To Eliminate The Competition
  Making Profit on Bank-Owned Properties
  Lead Generations
  The Analysis Process
  Creating Your Power Team
  Wholesaling Properties
  How To Do A Foreclosure Deal
  Making Offers To Banks

Maximum Real Estate Profits in Minimum Time:

  Intro & Buying Properties with No Money Down
  Things You Need in Your Elevator Pitch
  How to Profit with Zero Experience
  Doing the Deal with No Money Out of Your Pocket
  Private Money
  Owner Financing
  Creating Relationships
  Doing a Quick Deal
  Analyzing Single Family Deals
  Multi-Family and Commercial Deal Analysis
  Putting in An Offer
  Short on Time?
  Market Cycles
  Emerging Markets
  Time Management
  Take Over Process
  Wrap Up and Take Action

How Did They Do That:

  Bill Ham
  Brian Lucier
  Dave and Chris Tucker
  Dario Lorenzo
  Dan Stein
  Alan Kuatt
  At The Harvard Club
  Bob Bowman
  Carl Withers
  Chris and Sean
  Chris Tucker
  Christine Chen
  Corey Peterson
  Dan Paustian and Terrie Pattee
  Dario and Vidal
  Darron and Jackie Ross
  Dave Anderson and Alan Schnur
  Earl Miller
  Jay Gajavelli
  Julio Zaanoni
  Karen and Stan Baggart
  Laure Marie Hynes
  Marilyn Edelson
  Mike Flahrety
  Nizan Mosery
  Nizan Mosery and Laure Marmontel
  Shaun Omar
  Steve Johnson
  Steve Scott
  Tim and Greg Johnston
  Vidal Guiba
  Dan Carter
  Saul Alarcon
  Wesley Bass

Questions and Answers

  What is real estate investing?
  Can I invest in real estate in any state?
  How does real estate investing work?
  Are there any risks in real estate?
  Is there a lot of competition in real estate investing?
  Aren’t you taking advantage of people’s financial situations by buying their foreclosed property?
  How much time does it really take to invest in real estate?

4 thoughts on “Video Training

  1. Good Morning Dave,

    I’m downloading and updating the forms for my files. I’ll delete what I think I don’t need. I have to pass on the videos as they don’t work with my system. I’m amazed at the thoroughness of you work. This is amazing. Its actually a vault that you need to preserve for educational purposes. Even with my past work at the federal level in two major contracting offices I have never seen such a complete collection of business records compiled so thoroughly as these are. This is mind boggling. I know I won’t use this site past the 17th because of my budget, but I may come back to sign up for it again at a later time. Thank you so much. Janet Tifffany

  2. Good afternoon Dave,

    I was only able to catch a short portion of the web seminar you had last week in PA. Any chance this two day event may get posted to this site?

    Thanks and congratulation to you and your brother on completing the Boston Marathon together!


    • Hi Tom,

      I am going to forward your request to our support department. If you want to get in touch with Dave or have him answer your questions, it is best to post a message on the forums as he checks those on a regular basis.


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